Tiny Bubbly Pedal Ezy Superior


Due to many requests, we have added the Ezy Superior version to the Tiny Bubbly pedal lineup!

We often wish that the pedals could be easily removed for transportation, storage, or on-board use. The Ezy system is an easy solution to this problem!
There is also a need to deter ride-and-run theft.
Comes with a convenient carrying pouch♡.

  • MKS Ezy Superior System
    Easy & reliable. 20 years of continuous sales is the masterpiece of detachable pedals.
  • Pretty-wide Concave Platform
    Flat sole and firm grip platform. The concave tread ensures that your feet are always in a comfortable position, reducing stress on long rides.
  • Triple Sealed Bearing
    The Triple Sealed Bearing construction provides maximum rotational performance while minimizing stack height by increasing bearing support to three locations to minimize rotational resistance.
  • Chrome Plated Forged Spindle
    The spindle is cold forged and even the threads are cold rolled to ensure high precision and durability. Finished with chrome plating.


Size: 86 x 96 x 30 mm
Weight: 426 g (pair)
Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Plate Material: Heat-treated Aluminum + Anodized
Spindle Material: Cold Forged Steel + Chrome Plated