Imagination (creation) of space

A lot has been lost. It is almost impossible to get back what is lost. It also teaches society and ecology. The same thing can be said in the world of this bicycle, which is the basis of our lives.

There was a time when it was just a matter of course that the men in the neighborhood would choose pipes, weld them, and make them for everyone's grandfathers and grandmothers. And when bicycles began to be used as a hobby, Japan became the most important base for bicycle production. However, not now. The center of production has moved to other countries, and all ideas are seconded to other countries.

Considering such a problem we have arrived at its underlying cause. Isn't it immaturity of consumption and understanding? If we had properly consumed things, understood what was lacking and what was too much, and made things within reach and within reach of our will, there would have been a different present. maybe.

That's why I thought that now is the time to start taking on the challenge, as we have no choice but to understand the current situation. I thought that the work of replacing the gaping wide open space with the bicycle that we believe in as carefully as possible and making up for it would be the most essential for leading the essence and meaning of manufacturing in the next era. rice field. That is the starting point of the concept of SimWorks, and it is an essential thing that many people would like to agree with, and I would like to convey it through things. I want everything to be true, whether it's childish real intentions or serious play. I think that is the essence of us humans, and it is also the very legitimate constitution of us cyclists.

Business summary

SimWorks develops a service that distributes excellent bicycle-related items from around the world, as well as thoughts and ideas that are suitable for the lifestyle of bicycle riders, in Japan and overseas.

Due to the nature of handling handmade products, custom orders, and production proposals for products that have never existed before, mediating communication between creators, retailers, and users is also an important job.

We are always looking for friends who will enjoy spreading our ideas and thoughts through "manufacturing", through "public places" such as shops, and "riding bicycles".

- SimWorks -

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