The Homage Tire 650b

SKU: F6543-HMG-BS-SW-1

A tribute to the history of bicycle culture in the SimWorks style.
all terrain tires.

SimWorks' new brand, SimWorks by Panaracer. The original tire, jointly developed with Panaracer, Japan's world-class manufacturer of bicycle components, has finally been released!

The name of the tire is " THE HOMAGE," and there were many people at Nerves who recognized the semi-slick pattern when they saw it, but it is the same as Panaracer's "Mach SS," which was considered the representative semi-slick tire back in the days when 26-inch tires were in their heyday. We thought that by refining the tread of the "Mach SS" tire for gravel riding and all-terrain use, it would be a perfect fit for the current and future needs of users, who are now starting to diversify their bikes at an ever-increasing rate. By using the same state-of-the-art casing and compound used in Panaracer's blockbuster Gravel King, we were able to create a high-performance tire that is incomparable to the Mach SS, which has been on the market for a long time.

In conclusion, we realize that there is no such thing as outdated, but only forgotten, by using the best materials of the time to meet the needs of the times.


Size: 650 x 43b, 650 x 55b
Bead: Aramid
Color:green x tan, black x tan
Weight:500g, 625g