TAFU 2 Screen Print


Yoshi 47, a member of SimWorkers and an artist who sprays paint in a savage style, presents his T.A.F.U. series silkscreen prints.

There are many times in life when you really feel like you're in trouble. The more we overcome such dangerous and big obstacles, the more we become the best fools we can be. And the more we overcome such dangerous obstacles, the more stupid we become, and the more attractive we become. Bicycles are full of dangerous obstacles, and they teach us that the best life awaits us as we overcome them. I want to cherish these feelings at all times.

This product will be serial numbered and signed by the artist.

Artist : Yoshi 47

  • 6 color Silkscreen print by Mike Orhan, Portland OR.
  • 50 prints Limited
  • 18 x 24 inch (467 x 610mm)

If you choose the "with frame" option, a custom frame will be included.
The frame color is white as specified by the artist.
Please allow approximately 2 weeks for shipping as this product is made to order.