Stainless Outer Cable for Shift - 3m


The coil wires of the outer cable, which are generally produced in steel, are replaced with stainless steel. It is characterized by its resistance to rust.

A polyethylene inner liner is also included to lighten the pull of the shift lever.

The outer diameter of the shift cable is 4 mm, and 1.2 mm inner wire can be used.

Considering the recent increase in the number of vehicles with disc brakes, the diversification of cable routing, and the use of full outer cables, we offer our products in a total length of 3 m (generally, 2 m is most common). This means that there are almost no cases of insufficient length.

Length: 3 m
Accessories: 4pcs plastic outer caps

Unlike the usual conduit type (straight strands), this shift outer cable has a coiled structure. This cable is not recommended for those who are looking for a cable that can be used for severe race specs in 10th and 11th gear.