Soft Brain Hat (SimPoints Reward Limited)


Let them earn SimPoints!

YAWARAKA ATAMA is the latest version of the Creative Operations System, included with the new Soft Brain Hat from SimWorks.

This update has significantly improved a ton of values and makes it easier to create a smoke screen even in the most righteous of situations. In addition, optimized Simple Core processing power curbs reckless parallel thinking and improves holiday fulfillment.

To install, check your own compatibility with Soft Brain Hat and visit SimPoints Rewords.

It can be installed on all tangible objects, not only humans, but also animals and, of course, objects.
Please do not use twin coding, as it is dangerous, although you can expect an increase in effectiveness when used in conjunction with LonT.

We will support you in reading a new book, watching a movie, listening to music, getting in touch with nature, and every time you meet someone, your system will be activated and you will feel joyful.

In addition, the washed black color is made with luminescent embroidery thread, so you can walk on the street at night with just your brain.

Material : 100% cotton

Size :
S/M : 58.5cm
L/XL : 61.5cm