Half Moon Rack


*In June 2022, the specifications were updated.

The new model has an increased wheel size capacity compared to the previous model.
- A loop for hooking bungee hooks on panniers has been added.
- Steel spacers have been added to the accessories.

Simple form and function, from everyday use to light touring.

The Half Moon Rack is a front rack with the motif of a half moon.

I think front racks are one of the most underrated bicycle parts among many. Once you install it on your bike, it is so convenient and lovely that you can't imagine your bike without it.

The rack can be mounted using the mounting holes on the fender or the eyelets on the cantilever brake pedestal and fork ends. The rack's legs are telescoping with a Dendenbolt mechanism, allowing you to set the rack at the best angle for the bike to which it is attached.

Deposit your gear on the Half Moon rack, pedal out, and whistle in the street as usual. If you feel the half moon's gravitational pull, you may go farther ♫

Made in Japan

Material : 9mm CrMo Steel Tube
Weight : ave.780g
Max Load : 12kg (Load capacity when loaded equally on both sides)
Leg length : 340 ~ 360mm
Color : Chrome Plated & Black

Insert leg adjusters 15mm or more.
Please use it with the maximum load capacity.
Use of the product with a basket, etc. is considered modification of the product and is not covered by the warranty. Do not expand the load capacity.