Peregrine Spokes 14-15 Single Butted


The Peregrine spokes, which are characterized by their subdued gold color, are made of SUS304 stainless steel with the same special treatment as the Wing Star spokes on which the Peregrine spokes are based. Compared to the conventional product, the Peregrine spokes are less prone to tension loss and have improved elbow fracture resistance, resulting in a sturdy wheel that is less likely to fray and has a better "take" feel.

These spokes are ideal for wheels that are well-balanced in terms of responsiveness and durability.

Black brass nipples are included.
If you would like to have your spokes cut Please click here Please click here if you would like to have your spokes cut. (Charged)

72pcs / set

Spoke Material : SUS304 Stainless
Spoke Type : 14-15 gauge Single Butted
Spoke Length : 310 mm
Spoke Weight : 6 g / pc
Spoke Color : Wing Star Gold*
Nipple Material : Brass
Nipple Size : 3.2mm
Nipple Color : Black (Black Nickel Plated)

Made in Japan

*Please note that there may be a slight color variation depending on the production lot.

SimWorks' original spokes are made in Japan by Hoshi Spoke, the last and only NJS-approved spoke manufacturer in Japan.

The base of this Peregrine Spoke is the Wing Star Spoke, which is made of carefully selected stainless steel (SUS304) and finished with a unique special process that greatly improves the material characteristics such as rupture strength. The special finishing process changes the color on the surface, resulting in a unique golden color of Wing Star spokes with a hardness that is distinctly different from that of ordinary stainless steel silver, and a depth and elegance that is unique to Wing Star spokes.

The biggest problem with the stainless steel spokes, which can be assembled harder than Starbrite, was the breakage of the spoke necks when the tension is increased.

The response and stiffness that many people demand for their wheels has always come at the cost of durability. In contrast to the growing market for rigid carbon rims, the bottomless quest for stiffer and stiffer wheels is not necessarily the best for everyone, and the quality of driving and durability performance can be improved by using appropriately flexible spokes on stiffer rims. Wingstar spokes are like fine al dente pasta, flexible but with a firm core, and are the best spokes for cyclists seeking both ride quality and durability.

For those who use bicycles as a means of transportation, such as for touring or daily commuting to and from work, the 14G straight Wingstar is the best choice. The single battened Wingstar spoke, whose thickness changes from 14-15G, makes full use of the features mentioned above, and in combination with a high quality rim, is lightweight and has a strong responsive performance. It is no exaggeration to say that they are the new standard spokes for building wheels that are lightweight, responsive, and durable.

Unlike the star spokes that are normally distributed, the nipple size is 3.2mm (world standard size) so that the spokes can be repaired at any location.

*Black nipples are included.

*If you would like to order spoke cutting Please click here Please click here if you wish to have your spokes cut. (Charged)

Made in Japan

SPEC】 【SPEC】 Unit of Sale: 72pcs.

Sales unit: 72 pieces
Length: 310mm (Spoke cutting will be charged separately )
Material: Stainless steel (SUS304)
Weight: 7.6g (Plain | 310mm | 1piece)
6g (Single batten | 310mm | 1 piece)
Color: Wingstar Gold**
Size: 14G plain & 14-15G Single Buttet
Nipple: World standard 3.2mm brass nipple (black) is included

**The color may change slightly depending on the production lot due to special processing.