Peregrine Spoke 14 Straight Gage


The Peregrine spokes, which feature a subdued gold color, are made of SUS304 stainless steel with the same special treatment as the Wing Star spokes on which they are based. Compared to the conventional product, the Peregrine spokes are less prone to loss of tension and have improved elbow fracture resistance, resulting in a sturdier wheel that is less likely to fray and has a better "take" feel.

These spokes are ideal for wheels that are well-balanced in terms of responsiveness and durability.

Black brass nipples are included.
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72pcs / set

Spoke Material : SUS304 Stainless
Spoke Type : 14 straight gauge
Spoke Length : 310 mm
Spoke Weight : 7.6 g / pc
Spoke Color : Wing Star Gold*
Nipple Material : Brass
Nipple Size : 3.2mm
Nipple Color : Black (Black Nickel Plated)

Made in Japan

*Please note that there may be a slight color variation depending on the production lot.