Raw Brass Nipple


SimWorks' original spokes and nipples are made in Japan by Hoshi Spoke, the last and only NJS-approved spoke manufacturer in Japan.

Hoshi Spokes are not just stiff and reactive spokes, which have been dominating the market in recent years, but also have the right amount of flexibility to protect your feet during daily commuting, weekend races, activity rides, and, above all, long bicycle tours where durability is required. The spokes are finished with the highest priority placed on durability performance to ensure long-lasting use.

The nipples are usually finished with plating or anodizing, but this time, Shim Works has used its original brass material in its original state.

The lack of surface treatment makes the nipples a little softer than normal nipples, but they are durable enough to withstand normal use, and you can enjoy the unique aging process of brass as you use them.

72 pcs / set
500 pcs / bulk

Material : Brass
Color : Raw Brass
Nipple Size : 14G, 15G
Weight : 1 g / pc

Made in Japan