Smooth 74

SKU: H98-650

While 650B wheels have become the standard, touring bikes, commuters, and various other bikes are also increasing their tire sizes.

The Smooth 74 fender was created to meet this situation, covering tire widths up to 58 mm. In fact, the Smooth 74 is a treasured mold that has been stored in our warehouse for many years and has been brushed up for modern touring bikes and commuter bikes.

The Smooth 74 also comes standard with an exclusive Flower Hato fitting. As the name suggests, the special Flower Hato fittings are shaped like flower petals and are thicker and can be securely fastened at three points, allowing even thick fenders like the Smooth 74 to be supported securely.

Front and rear set. Standard mounting hardware included.

Wheel Size : 650b (370R), 700c (385R)
Max Tire Size (Estimate) : ~ 58 mm
U Stay : 5 mm diam.

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