Flat 80

SKU: H101-275N

I want to have both bigger tires and fenders!" We get a lot of requests for "a wider tire and a fender". So we asked Honsho Kohken to make a new fender for us.

The Flat 80 is a super wide fender that can fit up to 2.5″ wide tires. This fender is actually a fender for a world-class Japanese small motorcycle aftermarket from the 1950s and 1960s, which was found in a warehouse and reused to refine it for bicycle use. After more than 60 years, it is now back in the light of day in the modern age.

It is the perfect size for the versatile dirt tourer. This is a reliable fender that allows you to go anywhere without worry.

Front and rear set. Standard mounting hardware included.

Wheel Size : 27.5" (380R), 29" (390R)
Max Tire Size (Estimate) : ~ 2.5"
U Stay : 5 mm diam.

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