Ramble Bar


A new handlebar developed through the teamwork of Golden Pliers and SimWorks is the Ramble Bar.

It was the brainchild of Golden Pliers Kevin, who had long felt that it would be nice to have a handlebar that could hold a large front bag and at the same time be aggressive and comfortable with a large sweep angle.

With an overall width of 710 mm (centered at the end) and a grip zone of 160 mm, there are plenty of hand spots and plenty of room to secure a large bag filled with snacks and sweaters.

To maximize the use of the hook area at the front of the grip, we recommend using brake levers and shifters with thin clamp sections. A further layer of bar tape around the hooks is also a perfect finishing touch.

The stem length of 70-90mm is optimal, and if mounted in a negative drop orientation as well as a positive rise position, it is possible to ride around like a Mondo Aggro.

Material : Heat Treated Aluminum
Center diam. : 31.8 mm
Bar Diam. : 22.2 mm
Width : 710 mm (center - center at ends)
Back Sweep : 65 deg.
Depth : 154 mm
Ride/Drop : 30 mm
Grip/Control Zone : 160 mm -not bar end shifter compatible, sorry fam-
Weight : 460 g
Color : Silver, Black
Designed by Kevin Purcell (Golden Pliers, Portland OR)
Made by Nitto Japan, the World 's experts in Beauty and Safety