Mowmow CrMo Bar


What is required?

Take a quick look around the world. This and that must be getting better day by day, but there are times when I suddenly feel like this is just the way it should be. The new handle started with such an intro, and I tried to imagine a riser bar that would be strong and sturdy, yet as light and chic as possible. It should be able to carry the weight of a giant, but if it can be made slender, it's not a bad idea to make the best use of its looks. And we thought it would be acceptable for any category of bike, on or off the bike.

The Mowmow bar is the result of such pure feelings. Made in Nitto, of course. We wanted to redefine the standard riser bar for today.

Material : CrMo Steel
Width : 700mm
Center diam. : 25.4mm
Bar diam. : 22.2mm
Rise : 38mm
Back sweep : 9°
Up sweep : 5°

Custom decal kit is included. Please arrange as you like.