MICRO SHIFT Sword Drop Bar Shifter 1x10Speed

SKU: SB-G7000

SWORD / SWORD has a modern ergonomic design that is required in modern times, a wide range of cassettes that can support hill climbs aiming for higher heights, and reliable operability, while focusing on robustness, extremely simple and high maintainability. It is a mechanical/mechanical type component.


The bracket lever, which also uses internal wire routing for the shift wire, is designed so that your fingers can be firmly hooked onto it.In addition, the lever pivot (fulcrum) is located at a high position, so the lever can be moved with less force due to the lever principle. You can draw

The shift lever, which supports up and down shifts independent of the brake lever, has a concave-convex pattern similar to the bracket hood, allowing reliable gear shifting while driving off-road.



  • Compatible with SWORD, Advent X rear derailleur
  • Internal cable routing for both brake and shifter
  • Bracket hood with three-dimensional pattern processing for increased grip
  • Compatible with short-pull mechanical brakes for road use
  • High-pivot brake lever provides strong braking performance
  • Equipped with lever reach adjuster
  • Compatible with SHIMANO type inner wire


Group : SWORD
Shifter Style: Integrated Drop Bar
Speed: Front 1Speed
Rear 10Speed
Side: Pair
Left Side: Brake Lever Only
Cable Routing: Internal
Brake reach: Short/Adjustable
Lever Material: Aluminum / Composite
Compatibility: Advent X, SWORD
Weight: Right 276g
Left 190g