Froggy Seatpost

SKU: SW92-300-0S

SimWorks by Nitto's new seat post is named "Froggy" because of its frog-like face.

The new seat post has a frog-like face and is named "Froggy" because of its frog-like appearance. Of the three points that the rider comes in contact with (handlebar, pedals, and saddle), the saddle position is the key element that serves as the base point for powerful and efficient propulsion, so it is an uncompromising part that requires unwavering fixation, whether off-road or with a heavy rider.

Froggy seat posts are available with Nitto's It uses the same two-tightening yagura construction as the NJS standard product, which was designed for bicycle racing and has a long track record. It has the ability to grip the rails very firmly and will not shift no matter how hard you ride. It is also easy to adjust.

Color : Silver & Black
Material : Forged Aluminum
Post Diam : φ27.2mm
Length : 300mm & 350mm
Offset : 0mm & 23mm
Weight : 315g ( 300mm), 345g (350mm)

Carbon rails are not compatible.