Ezy Superior Adapter Kit


This adapter set is exclusively for the Ezy Superior system used on the Bubbly Ezy Superior.

This adapter set can be used not only as a repair set, but also as a replacement set for pedals with the Ezy Superior system, allowing users of pedals with the Ezy Superior system to install this adapter set on multiple bicycles and use one set of pedals from the Ezy Superior series.

Please note that the Ezy Superior series is not compatible with the Ezy series.

A thin pedal wrench (wrench width 15mm, thickness 3.2mm or less) is required for the first time installation of the adapter. Please use MKS original Pedal Spanner or Hub Spanner which is most suitable for installation.

SPEC】 【Specifications

Left/Right set
Includes 2 crank spacers