Volummy Tire 27.5"

SKU: F650B42-VM-A-SW

SimWorks by Panaracer's Volummy Tire series is back with an update.

This update retains the original SimWorks Penut Butter color scheme, but changes the basic construction of the casing from a gum wall to a lighter one.

The "lightness" gained by shedding the thick rubber is a positive effect on the rider's feel in terms of handling, not to mention the dynamic effects of mass reduction, or weight reduction, on acceleration and braking performance.

However, SimWorks and its associates still rely on a tough tire. So, despite the lightweight casing construction, we had the topping rubber set as thick as possible and added a puncture-resistant layer to provide the necessary durability performance. It may sound strange, but rest assured that this is not a lightweight tire.


SIZE Weight Bead
27.5 x 1.75" 386g Folding
27.5 x 1.9" 545g FOLDING

Tubeless Compatible

For compatibility with rims, please refer to the Size Compatibility Chart Please check the size compatibility chart and be sure to use rims that are within the range of sizes for each part of the rim.

*Please be especially careful when using tubeless rims. Low sidewall models, hookless rims, or rims with small bead hooks, as seen on tubeless rims, may not work with these rims, so please make sure the beats are in the correct position and the air pressure is set correctly after installation.

Reference article: For the rider's safety: Prevent tire blowouts!