Super Yummy Tire 26"

SKU: F2622-SY-B-SW

The Super Yummy, created for super cyclists who practice GO OUT, has been redesigned to be lighter than before.

In order to achieve a lighter and stronger tire, we worked together with the Panaracer technical team to maximize the overall lightness and suppleness while ensuring durability.

By reviewing the sidewall construction from scratch, a significant weight reduction (approx. 14%) was achieved, while the latest technology lightweight anti-puncture layer was added to maintain the same puncture resistance standards as before.

It is an all-round off-road tire with a tread pattern that balances lightness and drivability at a high level.

Of course, tubeless tires are also available.

Wheel Size : 26"(559)
Tire Width : 2.22"
Bead : Folding
Weight(Average) :

For rim compatibility, please refer to the following table. Size Compatibility Chart Please check the size compatibility chart and be sure to use rims within the size range of each part.
*Please be especially careful when using tubeless rims. It may not be compatible with rims with low sidewalls, hookless rims, or rims with small bead hooks, as seen on tubeless rims.