Bubbly Pedal Ezy Superior


  • MKS Ezy Superior System
    Easy & reliable. 20 years of continuous sales is the masterpiece of detachable pedals.
  • Ultra-wide Concave Platform
    One of the largest platforms in MKS history, and the concave tread position always fits your foot in a comfortable position, reducing stress on long rides.
  • Triple Sealed Bearing
    The Triple Sealed Bearing structure reduces stack height and maximizes rotational performance by increasing bearing support to three locations to minimize rotational resistance.
  • Chrome Plated Forged Spindle
    The spindle is cold forged and even the threads are cold rolled to ensure high precision and durability. Finished with chrome plating.

Size: 97 x 108 x 30 mm
Weight: 449 g (pair)
Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Plate Material: Heat-treated Aluminum + Anodized
Spindle Material: Cold Forged Steel + Chrome Plated
Carrying pouch included.