◆ Regarding the Selle Anatomica saddle, the seat rail is silver in your product introduction. The seat rail is black in the original HP. Does it vary by production date and model? Or will everything be silver if purchased at your company? I've been using the black one so far, but I'm considering purchasing it because I'm attracted to the silver rail.

Currently, only the saddle with black finish rails is sold and distributed by Sera Anatomica.
Regarding the models we handle, we have made a special request to Selle Anatomica to manufacture all of them with chrome-plated rails as Simworks' original planning products.

◆ I'm thinking about purchasing Selle Anatomica . My weight is 68kg and I ride about 24km every day, regardless of the weather, even if it rains every day. I would like to ride a leather saddle.Is it difficult to care for it? Please let me know if you have any recommendations.

First of all, regarding care, Sera Anatomica has released a special care liquid . By using this, you can protect the leather surface and make it glossy and water resistant.

(The following is the answer before all the leather materials of the company's products became water resistant.)
Leather, like your skin, is sensitive to dryness. However, Japan has a humid climate even in the summer, so it seems that care is not an absolute necessity. Rather than calling it a necessity, it might be better to say that if you use it for a long time, you will want to take care of it. Of course, it is true that the life of the saddle can be extended, the look is improved, and above all, the care itself is fun.

On a personal note, I have been using Selle Anatomica since its founding in 2007, but basically I do not use care products. Still, I am rather satisfied with the texture due to luster and aging.

There is just one thing that I would like you to do. That is, "If the saddle gets wet in the rain, etc., be sure to turn the tension bolt all the way to loosen the leather before drying it later."
As with leather shoes and leather bags, basically avoid getting wet as much as possible. The saddle loses its shape and stretches out, resulting in an extremely short lifespan as a saddle. If you pay attention to this point, I think it will be the best partner to support your buttocks. Soft, yet comfortable.

The SelleAnatomica saddle is different from general leather saddles in that the leather not only supports the rider's buttocks, but also has the suppleness to move with the movement of the hips from side to side. The presence of the slit (hole) in the center of the saddle, which is also the company's icon, is the source of its suppleness, and it is an originality that cannot be found anywhere else.

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