◆I'm currently using SimWorks Homage tires on a gravel aluminum car. I especially like the stability of commuting on rainy days. However, I don't drive much on bad roads and mostly on paved roads, so I'm thinking of purchasing SimWorks Volummy tires. Also, will there be a difference between 32C and 38C on wet pavement?

The wider the tire, the greater the contact area. The larger the contact area, the less slippery it will be, so you can rest assured even on paved roads such as rain. However, as the contact area increases, so does the rolling resistance. It can be said that 32c has a more light running feeling.
The tread pattern of the tires also greatly affects the grip and feel of the ground, so it is a good idea to choose a pattern that matches the situation. If you don't want to run on bad roads, Volummy tires are a perfect match.
Also, the ground contact area and driving feeling are greatly related to the air pressure, so I think that you can find the ideal setting by searching for your favorite air pressure.
In addition, fat tires are not only wider, but also have a larger outer diameter of the wheel itself. The larger the outer diameter, the higher the running performance. The ride height is also higher, and there are changes in handling (because the trail value changes). This change of a few millimeters is delicate, but it is fully noticeable, and it is also the fun of customizing a bicycle.
Appearance is also important. If you like the fat look of The Homage tires, the 38c Volummy tires are the way to go. (Personally, I would like to use thick tires if I can afford to use them.) The large air volume makes for a really smooth ride. Also try tubeless. Rolling is getting better, it's the best!

◆ Can The Homage tires be used tubeless?

The answer to this question is subtle, and is something like "it may be possible to use tubeless".
The manufacturer, Panaracer, has replied that they cannot officially claim to be "tubeless compatible". This is because tubeless use is not included in the design.
In fact, there are cases where SimWorks has succeeded in making tubeless homage tires by increasing the amount of sealant from the specified amount.
A tubeless specification wheel becomes a practical wheel only when multiple parts such as rims, rim tape, valves, sealants, etc. function properly in addition to tires. Accurately understanding the principles/structures and ensuring safety are prerequisites, but I think these challenges are also the real pleasure of custom bicycles. There is a clichéd phrase that says you are responsible for what you do, but I think it would be interesting to try it.

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