◆I'm building a Seven 650b bike right now and plan to use WTB Byway tires. Which fender would you recommend? I'm having a hard time figuring out which one is the best, and I want you to tell me which one is right for you. If you can choose brass or titanium, please let me know.

I think the 650b size of Smooth 62 will fit.

Below are some sample fittings.

I see a lot of 650b plus bikes with Honjo fenders, and I've been wanting to install them on my Kona Unit (2017) as well. Do you have any recommendations? Black is better.

It depends on what kind of tires you have.
Flat 65 is the thickest in the Simworks lineup, but I think it's the upper limit that can cover tires up to about 55mm wide. Isn't your Kona Unit fitted with fatter tires?

Additionally, the Kona Unit is not a bike frame designed to have fenders attached. That doesn't mean it's impossible, but it would require some skill and experience in customizing a bike.

So I recommend finding a good bike shop and talking to them. If you tell me where you live, I can introduce you.

thank you. Do you have a reliable bike shop? I'm on 70mm wide tires and I'm sure they'll find the perfect solution. from germany

◆I'm looking for a fender for my Brompton, and it's made by Honjo Koken.

yes. SimWorks by Honjo Bros mudguard can be installed.
Also available in black .

◆ I have a 27-inch Sportif.Is there a fender for 27-inch? Or is it compatible with other sizes?

Honjo Koken fenders that we handle have two diameters, one for 26" / 650B (R=355mm) and one for 700C (R=358mm). For 27", R is 365mm. I think it is necessary, but unfortunately it is not available.

When installing the fender, it may be necessary to correct it somewhat, but if the 700C is to be used on a 27" bike, it will be quite difficult. The difference is about 14mm in diameter, but is it big or small? There is also a part depending on the way of thinking.Please understand that there is basically no compatibility.

◆ I have ordered a GIOS cross bike PURE FLAT (2015) and am waiting for delivery, but I would like to install your fender Smooth 41. Is it possible? Also, is there anything else you need other than the standard mounting bracket? (You can do the drilling yourself.)

First of all, it is about whether it can be installed. Regarding this question, even if the subject is a strange motorcycle, basically I have no choice but to answer, "I won't know until I try it." This is due to the fact that our company cannot handle accurate information about the shapes and specifications of other companies' products. I think that basically the same answer will be given to this problem even if you inquire at Gios or Honjo Koken, the manufacturer of the mudguard.

It's just my prediction for reference, but I think it's possible to install it.
As you can see from the photo, the eyelets necessary for mounting the stay are also included, and if the holes are properly drilled, the standard stay and fasteners can be used.
One thing I'm worried about is that the brake seems to use a Tektro short-arm V-brake, which may interfere with the fender. I don't know until I put this on, but maybe the brakes need to be replaced.
In addition, regardless of whether the manufacturer is large or small, the detailed specifications often change without notice, so there are some parts that cannot be judged unless the actual product is used.

The most reliable way is to bring the actual bike to a bike shop that specializes in fender installation and other customizations and ask a mechanic to check if it is possible. If it is a store that sells our products, you can place an order directly, so I think it would be a good idea to find a SimWorks store near you and contact them.

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