Along with the world's highest quality hub equipped with Chris King's world-class original clutch mechanism " Ring Drive ", we use carefully selected rims and spokes from the United States and the world. Four years ago, we invited Greg Hudson , who is famous as one of the best wheel builders in Japan, and started developing this department. We are now able to offer the hand-built wheels we provide to everyone in Japan.

As for hubs, of course, you can choose from Chris King's R45, ISO, ISO BOOST, etc. according to your usage, and we also offer various optional services at reasonable prices. Chris King carefully selected excellent component makers ENVE , HED , Stan's No Tube , and SAPIM to select accompanying components, and if necessary, we will also provide Simworks domestic tires at a reasonable price. It is a service called.

# Order the Chris King Wheelset!

1) Order your desired wheelset from this site .

2) Wheelsets are hand-assembled by skilled wheel builders at the Chris King factory after the order is placed.

3) If Chris King has all parts in stock, it will be shipped in about a week at the shortest.

*Please note that if the necessary parts are out of stock, it will take some time to arrive.

4) Once the wheels are completed, they will be shipped by airmail from Portland. After entering Japan through customs, SimWorks inspects the product and ships it to the customer. We will contact you before shipping. This will take approximately 5-7 days.
・Orders for CK wheels will be delivered free of charge anywhere in Japan!

#Crash Replacement Program

crash replacement

We all know from experience that when we enjoy cycling, we unfortunately end up in crashes and accidents. In case that happens, we have prepared a crash replacement program to make it easier for you to get back on the bike again, and we would like to help you come back.

This offer is only available once per pair of Chris King wheels.

Diagnosed and repaired in-house by Chris King

Rims that need to be replaced can be replaced with new ones at 50% off the domestic list price.

Other necessary parts are 25% off .

*In the event of a crash, first contact SimWorks by email with the details, serial numbers of the rims and hubs, and a photo of the crashed wheel. After confirming that you are eligible for the program, send the wheel to us and we will ship it to the United States. And it will be a procedure of recombining again, so please understand that it will take some time.

*Once repairs are completed, we will inform you of the result and the cost. The cost required for this program is the total of the following.

Total cost of repaired parts

Shipping cost ¥25,000 (excluding tax, nationwide)

When the repair is completed and we deliver it to the customer, we will pay for it by cash on delivery.

# Payment method

■ You can choose from the following payment methods.

Credit card (American Express, MasterCard, Visa)


Convenience store payment (Family Mart, Seven-Eleven, Lawson, Circle K, etc.)

#Defective product/return/exchange/product warranty

■ When the product arrives, please check the contents immediately.

■ If the product is damaged or defective

Please let us know the details by e-mail within 7 days after the arrival of the product. Only unused items will be exchanged. We will respond by sending a replacement product or refunding the product price. However, if the product cannot be exchanged, such as a sold out product or a discontinued product, the product price will be refunded. There is no customer burden on the replacement shipping fee.

■ If there is a mistake in the product or a missing item

Please let us know the details by e-mail within 7 days after the arrival of the product. We will contact you shortly regarding the procedure. Customers are not responsible for shipping charges.

About returns due to customer convenience

If you wish to return an item due to the customer's circumstances, such as the wrong size or wrong order, we will accept returns only for unused items and for which the customer is responsible for the shipping fee.

After we receive the returned item and confirm that it has not been used, we will ship the replacement item and issue a refund.

The refund amount will be transferred to the account specified by the customer after deducting the transfer fee from the product price.

■ Product warranty

Only for the first purchaser, we will respond according to the product warranty of the home country manufacturer. However, the customer is responsible for the cost of domestic shipping and other costs.

Please note that damage to wheels, rims, and hubs due to misuse, modification, improper assembly, or apparent abuse is not covered by the free warranty.