Outer Cable Stopper

SKU: SWA14-1

This is an outer cable stopper (cable hanger) made by Nitto.

When using a cantilever brake, this part is used to receive the brake outer through the fixing bolt of the seat clamp.

Choose your favorite shape according to the size of your frame and the space available for wiring.

Made of steel

AS-1 : The most compact model with an overall length of about 45mm. It can be safely attached to even small size frames. With adjuster, fine adjustment of brake wire is possible. l dimension=23mm / b dimension 9mm
AS-2 : Basic outer stopper. L dimension 45mm / B dimension 13mm
AS-3 : Slightly shorter version of AS-2. L dimension 35mm / B dimension 11mm
AS-5 : L dimension 38mm / B dimension 11mm