SIMWORKS Sim Drops The Homage LTD

SKU: SW70-24HG

Homage Green not only represents SimWorks' unique and bold style, but it also pays equal homage to the many iconic styles and products we have long loved and admired. We wanted to extend the homage green that is so special to SimWorks to some other timeless and iconic items.

SimWorks' popular Sim Drops are a great way to add a little accent color to your bike. It's a very elegant item, and although it's reasonably priced, it's the small details that add a special touch to your bike, and it's sure to be appreciated by both you, the bike lover, and the bike you created. Everyone will give you the biggest compliment.

When you aim to assemble a bike with the utmost attention to detail, you want to pay close attention to every detail. SimWorks brings you a group of beautiful handles made by Nitto, and the end part is sure to shine and be safe.


SimDrops 22 for 22mm diam. Flat handlebars.

Material: Aluminum
Bar inside: 15.5 ~ 17mm
Color: Home Green

SimDrops 24 for 24mm diam. Drop handlebars.
Material: Aluminum
Bar inside: 20 ~ 22mm
Color: Home Green