High Plain Drifter Bar


The High Plains Drifter bar is a new handmade handlebar developed through the teamwork of DOOM BARS and SimWorks.

The High Plains Drifter bar was designed with balance in mind, and SimWorks believes it will provide a neutral and comfortable handling feel for everyone.

From the outside, the Rise and Buck Sweep's style may look like a casual cruiser, but it has been seasoned to handle aggressive riding to perfection and will be a pleasure to enjoy in the trail field.

Designed to be installed on the most discerning riders' off-road explorers, and finished with bead blasting and nickel plating, it is safe to say that an artistic and functional bicycle part is now here.

Read the behind-the-scenes blog of SimWorks USA manager Steven Smith, the designer, and Keaton Haire, the head of DOOM BARS, the manufacturer, here.

A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man.

This handlebar is a limited edition product.

Material : CrMo Steel
Width : 800mm
Rise : 80mm
Back Sweep : 13deg.
Up Sweep : 4deg.
Center diam. : 22.2mm with 31.8mm shim
Bar diam. : 22.2mm

Made by Keaton Haire of DOOM in Albuquerque, New Mexico.