SP31 Inner Wire


SP31 inner wire manufactured by Nissen Cable.

The strands are made of rust-free stainless steel.

The 31 strands, more than the typical 19 strands, are formed by a technique called Warrington twisting, in which strands of different diameters are densely configured with each other. The larger number of strands reduces the gaps between strands, increasing stiffness in the elongation direction while at the same time providing greater flexibility. Tensile strength is also 10 % higher than conventional products.

The surface of the wire is machined to be close to a perfect circle, and plasma plating is applied. Compared to fluorine-coated wires, the new wire is superior not only in lightness of pull, but also in durability of the coating.

Please experience the world's highest quality inner wire, which has been matured by the technology that has been lavishly poured into it.

Pre-tensioned (initial elongation).

  • 2 wires in a pack
  • With 2 caps