Yawaraka Atama Tee

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Imagine one day when you are wearing a soft-headed T-shirt. For example, lunch is a bit crowded and you have to wait in line for just a few minutes.

If the person behind you who is killing time by looking at his/her phone notices the words "START / GOAL" on the back and subconsciously follows the brain maze with his/her eyes, you are on target.

You can go through the maze and finish normally, or you can go directly from the start to the goal without going through the maze.

Both paths are correct, both paths are there, maybe there are more paths? It is important to imagine.

Hand screen print by Daisy Print Works !

  • 100% Cotton
  • Printed on Comfort Colors shirts at Daisy Print Works in Nagoya, Japan
  • Unisex
Size S Size S L XL
Body width 44 50 54 58
Length 68 71 75 78
Sleeve length 59 61 65 Sleeve length

There are slight individual differences due to shrinkage during the dyeing process.
*Finished measurements (cm / laid flat)
*This product is dyed, so please wash it separately from other items before first use. Due to the nature of the dyeing method used for pigment-dyed products, some of the pigment that peels off may remain on the surface of the product, and the color of Coral Pink in particular may migrate if washed with white or light-colored clothing.