Nekome Reflector


Wide-angle reflector for mudguards.

A reflector is an essential item for operating a bicycle. It is a small but very important item to let others (cars, etc.) know your presence by using the light they emit.

SimWorks by Honjo's full fenders have been very popular, but something has been missing since the first release.

It was the reflector.
Should we make a mold? Or should we carve them out? I was torn between the two, but I consulted the best reflector company in the world for the best solution, and the answer came to me immediately.

Wide-angled and intensely reflective, the reflectors for the mudguards are made in Japan by CatEye. They are reasonably priced and once installed on your favorite full fender, you'll be amazed at how they maximize the level and foil on your bike.

Best of all, they are safe and secure at night and in the rain!

Please note that these reflectors require the precise placement of holes in the fenders, so it is best to have them installed by a professional store or mechanic with the skill and knowledge to do so.


Color : Chrome Silver, Black
Size : W 46 / H 46 / D 32.8 mm
Best angle : 35

JIS compliant
Made in Japan by CatEye