On The Road Rack


The great thing about bicycles is that you can start shopping or touring with a simple idea. We wanted to create a carrier that would expand the possibilities of such an idea, so we gave it shape.

Tubes made of chrome molybdenum steel, a prerequisite for touring carriers, are light and strong, and can be repaired by welding even if something goes wrong on a trip. Nitto's craftsmanship accurately realized our theme of "forming with fewer pipes," resulting in a durable rear rack with fewer welding points.

The chrome plated finish is cool looking and easy to repaint as usual. The black finish is nickel-plated and electro-deposition coated, so that even if the black color peels off, it will not corrode from there.

The minimum insertion length of the adjusting bolt is 15mm.
This product is a rear back supporter, so please be careful about the load capacity before use.

Material : 10mm CrMo Steel Tube
Weight : ave.778g
Max Load : 5kg
Required Bolt Inserts : 15mm
Color : Chrome Plated, Black