Obento Rack


Simple form and function for everyday use and light touring.
The Obento rack has the same compact and just-right style of the Potluck rack, but with universal legs.

It comes with four long connection rods and a clip band, so it can be attached to a variety of front forks.

It also has a form that best matches SimWorks' classic rear rack, the On The Road rack.

I'll make love to you after I strap on my Ovent box and hurry up to that hill!

Material : 9mm CrMo Steel Tube Frame / Aluminum Leg
Weight : ave.635g
Max Load : 5kg
Color : Chrome Plated, Black

Accessories :
Connection Rod 420mm x 2
Connection Rod 350mm x 2
Clip Band 22mm x 2

This product is designed as a front bag supporter. Please be aware of the load capacity when using this product by itself with luggage.