Beatnik Seat Post

SKU: SW65-300B

Strength, precision, style, shape... There is perhaps no other part of the bike where the rider's own selection stands out more than in the seat post, where the rider must find the best fit for his or her own bike from among many options.
The Beatnik seatpost is the result of Nitto's craftsmanship and SimWorks' styling, which has been subjected to repeated and rigorous product testing to create a well-tuned, up-beat seatpost. Each is stamped with a red and white inked heart and the SimWorks logo.

Material : Forged Aluminum
Post diam.
Length (Weight) : 300mm (270g) / 350mm (307g)
Color : Silver, Black

Note : The logo is engraved using an old engraving machine. Some of the engraving may be bent or shallow, but this is not a defect.
This is a technique that has now been replaced by highly accurate laser engraving, but we hope you will enjoy it as the taste of the engraving done one by one by craftsmen.