SIMWORKS Taco Pedals The Homage LTD


The Taco Pedal is a great addition to the SimWorks pedal family this year, but ever since we first released the Bubbly pedal a few years ago, we've continued to roll out special color variations each year to great acclaim. I am. Since then, we have continued to release the Tiny Bubby and this Taco Pedal, but since there was no limited color option for this Taco Pedal, we have finally released the Homage Green Taco Pedal.

Homage Green not only represents SimWorks' unique and bold style, but it also pays equal homage to the many iconic styles and products we have long loved and admired. We wanted to extend the homage green that is so special to SimWorks to some other timeless and iconic items.

Taco Pedals are large platform style pedals with replaceable pins and adjustable cup and cone bearings.

With SimWorks-esque styling, sole-hugging traction, and a structure that satisfies riders who demand high maintenance, it's perfect for sprinting to the local taco stand or enjoying a Tecate with lime after a hot lap. Provides a responsive experience.

  • Xtra-large platform (110x105mm) for stable pedaling
    Boasting the widest platform among MKS pedals, the concave tread, which curves like a concave plate, keeps the sole of your foot in a comfortable position, reducing stress on long distance rides.

  • Replaceable high-grip studs
    The steel spike pins are coated with anti-loosening material in addition to being plated for high corrosion resistance. It can also be replaced with a special spanner.

  • Easy-to-maintain cup-and-cone bearings
    Adopts a cup-and-cone type bearing that is easy to maintain.


Size: 105 x 110 x 33mm
Weight: 498g (pair)
Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Plate Material: Aluminum Alloy
Spindle Material: CrMo