Doppo MTB Frame Set



The Doppo mountain bike frame, the third in the Doppo series, was also developed with the theme of "walking alone" in mind.

When you are walking alone, it is very important to use reliable equipment. There is a clear difference between a closed field where you are supported and pushed to your limits, like in sports, and a free and open playground where you make all your own decisions and don't depend on anyone. How do you want people to use Doppo?

The conclusion that emerged from our conversations about how we wanted Doppo to be used and who would trust Doppo was that it would have to earn the trust of the inhabitants of the "free and open playground" mentioned above.
The first and most important thing that emerged was to make the Doppo as unbreakable as possible. And if it should break, it should be easy to fix. Furthermore, the machine must be highly expandable so that it can accommodate the various personalities and play styles of each user. We believe that by achieving these goals, we can create a highly reliable bike.

Like the Doppo ATB, the Doppo MTB's main tubing uses a set of high-quality chromoly tubes made by Tange, a world-renowned manufacturer. The head tube is 44 mm in diameter, and the Doppo MTB can be equipped with a suspension fork of your choice as well as the included rigid fork. Another key feature is the unique disc caliper mount for easy servicing.

In addition, a standard bottle gauge mount on the frame and three additional holes on the underside of the downtube allow for the attachment of a King Cage Manything cage. You can lighten yourself up by allocating the necessary tools for touring and other activities.

The original Tange front fork with the same three-hole dowel is also designed to accommodate a front rack. This single fork covers the constant on- and off-road iterations of everyday exploratory riding, or just going for a ride, no matter what.

The 120 mm front and rear suspension will be installed to take advantage of the slightly longer rear back and clearance to swallow up to 2.8" size tires. The geometry is designed to be appropriate for both suspension and rigid forks. Enjoy your preferred setup depending on your trail and style.

As with the existing Doppo ATB, the frame is built by our own Aichi Prefecture frame builder, Shin Hatri, who cuts, mills, and welds the tubes one by one with the best possible fire and care in his own workshop.

A reliable frame from a reliable frame builder can be the perfect companion for a rider facing the essence of "walking alone" in the wilderness.

The Doppo MTB was born as a trail bike, but it is not a bike for extreme speed or action. Rather, it is the embodiment of the "solo" concept of what a mountain bike should be, designed to support you in your adventures.

There is no competition; you face nature at your own pace, step on the ruts, breathe loudly and slowly, and listen to the grass, trees, and other living creatures. People and horses become one, and you feel that you are also part of nature. Enjoy this open playground with Doppo MTB.

Frame Size M Seat Tube Length C-T(L)
Seat Tube Length C-T(mm) 430 460
Effective Top Tube Length(mm) 585 585 610
Reach (mm) 413 436
Stack (mm) 593 598
Standover Height (27.5 x 2.8") (mm) 749 761
Head Tube angle (deg.) 69.5 Head Tube Length (mm)
Head Tube Length (mm) 110 115 115
Seat Tube angle (deg.) 74.0 Seat Tube angle (deg.) 74.0
Chain Stay Length (mm) 440 440
BB Drop (mm) 60 60
Wheelbase (mm) 1098 1123

  • Using Tange chromoly steel tube set
  • 44 mm head tube
  • Lightweight and strong TIG welds
  • Recommended suspension stroke: 120 mm stroke (for 27.5")
  • Up to 180 mm disc rotors can be used
  • 12 mm x 148 mm through axle
  • Maximum tire clearance: 27.5 x 2.8", 29 x 2.4"
  • 73 mm JIS Threaded BB Shell
  • Seat post size: 30.9 mm
  • Seat clamp size: 34.9 mm
  • Single front chainring up to 34 T
  • Stealth dropper hole in seat tube
  • 3-hole eyelet under downtube
  • Front and rear through axles included

Forks included in the frameset are also available separately.