Heritage Outer Cable French for Brake - 3m

¥2,772 ¥3,080

This is a complete reprint of the round iron outer cables produced in Europe from the 1950s to 1970s. However, it is not a mere reissue, but an inner liner that was not included in those days has been added to meet modern standards of use, and the pull on the brake lever has been lightened dramatically. The appearance has a vintage look that can be matched with various styles, but you can rest assured that the shifting performance is exactly the same as modern ones.

Each color has been color-matched many times to be as close as possible to the outer cables of the time, reproducing the vintage atmosphere at its best. The cables are also flexible, which is one of Nissensha's greatest characteristics, and this flexibility will be a boon to the handlebars in recent years, when handling has become tougher and tighter.

Considering the recent increase in the number of cars with disc brakes, the diversification of cable routing, and the use of full outer cables, we offer our products at a total length of 3 m (2 m is generally the norm). This means that there is almost no possibility of insufficient length in the event of a problem.

This French type is a reprinted version of the outer cables used in motorcycles manufactured by René Herse and Alex Singer in France between 1950 and 1970. The outer cable is characterized by a raised round wire coil shape on the surface of the outer cable with a bumpy pattern that looks like a swell.

Length: 3 m
Accessories: 4 pcs brass outer caps